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Mom's Journal

Obey Your Mother

Those aren't pillows!
25 August 1959

Welcome to my journal. Mostly this is just a bunch of amusing-to-me links but sometimes I tell about my life and sometimes I express my opinions. Your results may vary.

I am a Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Artist/fighter for truth, justice and soybeans. I am a devout vegan, liberal, atheist, skeptic, feminist, PFLAG kind of person, so be advised. Married since 1982 to an rastaban, we have two rotten daughters nausved and boxcow. I also had a son who died in infancy.

I have a podcast called Flyswatter Show, which is sort of a companion piece to this LiveJournal! You can subscribe in iTunes to it here:

It's mostly just active in November.

We share our tiny 1950s ranch house with a dog, three cats, and our youngest daughter.

I graduated from college in 1982 with a BFA in Drawing and Painting and no idea what to do with it, so I worked lots of odd jobs, eventually settling into graphic design. I am working as a freelance digital artist.
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